Mental Health Foundation.


Every year, one European out of fifteen suffers from a severe depression.
innovación digital europea en salud mental


eMEN project receives 5.3 million euros from the Interreg North West Europe Innovation Program and it will be implemented until the end of November 2019. eMEN is a new european partnership leaded by the Netherlands along with Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom. It aims at combining new technologies to enhance quality and to make easier the access into mental health care and eHealth, or into digital health.

The specific goals of the Project are:

• An innovation transnational platform in eHealth of mental health
• A new methodology and protocol to implement several interventions into digital mental health based on evidence.
• 5 quality products in digital mental health tested and implemented with at least 1300 users.
• 15 SMEs receives some help to develop mental health applications in six european countries.