Mind for Better Mental Health.


Near 90% of primary care professionals in the United Kingdom have once suffered stress.


The British NGO Mind for better mental Health has thrown a campaign to help people to talk about their mental health with a primary care physician. It also wants to help healthcare professionals, family doctors, nurses and pharmacist with any kind of support they need regarding mental health.

The pressure and a high-demanding job raise stress that can turn into a physical or mental issue. Near 90% of primary care professionals in the United Kingdom have suffered a stress episode, which is a percentage well above the average of the rest of labour sectors (56%). One in five of these professionals have confirmed that stress has provoked a mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression. These healthcare professionals are also affected by the stigma associated to mental disorder, which discourage them from talking about their mental health at workplace.

A third of the primary care doctor’s appointment are linked with mental health disorders. However, it’s hard to have a first conversation on this matter with an unknown professional. To make this process easier, the NGO offers some help to the patient and advices him on the steps that he has to take in order to talk about his mental health.