Soma&Psy, the portal for the integration of mental health.

The chance of having a mental disorder in is high. In Catalonia, the probability of suffering from a mental illness in people over 15 years of age is of 12.4% . Therefore, mental health care is a priority for the European Union, which recommends the development of initiatives to combat stigma and social exclusion. To this end, Soma&Psy offers valuable knowledge about the integration of behavioural and primary health care and promotes both the debate and the exchange of experiences.

This platform is a meeting point for industry agents to discuss, debate, share and recommend initiatives, strategies, the latest news, projects and practices on the subject of integrated behavioural health services into health services in general.Its mission is to collect, analyse and publish relevant documents on the trends and highlights of international experiences related to the integration of acute hospital care and mental health.

The aim is to benefit from these innovative international experiences, share them with health actors and promote new initiatives.

The reliability of the web portal Soma&Psy is guaranteed by an editorial committee of mental health professionals of the institutions that make up the Soma&Psy network. Nevertheless, the web portal relies on the advice and the support of the member institutions of the network. The members of the editorial committee are the following:

  • Pierre-René Glibert, Director General of the Centre Psychiatrique Saint-Bernard.

Under the umbrella of the editorial committee, the ccyc (CIF: B-64773823) team is responsible for drafting content and managing the web portal Soma&Psy.

The information displayed on Soma&Psy has been established to support – never replace – the relationship between patient / user and their physician. If you have health problems, please ask your doctor.


Visitors are invited to read the privacy policy, the legal note and the terms of use of the web portal Soma&Psy.

Centre Psychiatrique Saint- Bernard. Founded in 1938 and located in Manage, at the belgium province of Hainaut. In the different centre’s facilities the institution amis to promote the social inclusion of all people with mental disorders. It Offers its services to a reference population of more than one million inhabitants.


Latest update: 01.04.2017