The Right Here Programme has published in the United Kingdom the guide How to provide youth-friendly mental health and Wellbeing services to help improve the wellbeing and the mental health of young people between the ages of 12 and 25, an age range considered to be critical in this respect.

In fact, adolescence is the period in which, in the majority of cases, mental health problems start, so it is also the moment in which more attention and care are needed. An early treatment prevents more serious problems in adulthood.

For this purpose, the book presents a seven-step program to develop services that aim to improve the mental health and the wellbeing of adolescents and young people in a way consistent with their age.

This method is based on the experience that Right Here and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation have had in the implementation of a five-year pioneer program in four different zones of the United Kingdom. Susan Bishen, of Right Here, recommends to all the sector organizations to take into account their experience “so as not to perpetuate the existing problems in the mental health services”, particularly during the transition between the ones dedicated to adolescents and young people and the ones that are for adults.

Source: Today sees the launch of a new guide “How to… provide youth-friendly mental health and wellbeing services”, Mental Health Foundation, 2015.

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